Celine Early Autumn Series

As a classic brand design, this early autumn launch of this red terracotta color Mini Luggage handbags, warm sketched out “her” smile. Modern design and soft color, will make your mind the “Mini” unique refined temperament.

As an inverted T-design handbag pioneer, Trapeze handbag is undoubtedly the Celine brand practical aesthetic masterpiece. Early autumn and early autumn 2015 launch of the gray-red and red color design, especially the choice of durable small leather material, enough to represent the “her” long-term companions mind.

Pocket Series Celine antique handbags transformed into a neat curve of the multi-functional flip package. With metal chain strap, you can also hand the shoulder. This paragraph early fall Pocket clamshell package with lively bright red dotting, Tanabata festival choose it to express a “sincere heart.”

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