Celine is making different colorful shoes

Celine2016 spring and summer show opened in Paris, this season, put on a Celine woman is still cool to the bones of the season, in addition to this season, Phoebe Philo created for us a conflict full of surprises and image of overbearing female president, also contributed several Destined to board the hot TOP list of single items.

Read Celine 2016 spring and summer women’s show, this pair of frequent appearances of the black and red uniforms boots impressed, but the problem is coming! Do you think shoes some familiar? That’s right! Once in one fell swoop to the straw sandals and slippers into the High fashion hall of Phoebe Philo, this time we are eyeing the domestic military shoes! Simple and effective color and contour, the wind has always been a practical woman, it is too poke a wooden heart there!

Celine classic box is the fashion circle of the famous momentum of people, is Celine creative director Phoebe Philo personally create a classic series, and this series made her worthy of a new generation of women’s fashionable indicators, new color and new material to join this season, Box Bag is bound to continue to fever.