CELINE 2016 Early spring series

Following the 2015-16 autumn and winter series, this season 2016 early spring series, creative director Phoebe Philo to further explore the multi-faceted feminine charm and female wardrobe versatility. Designed to combine classical elements with essential styles to create a wardrobe of purely single products, presenting a truly dazzling single-product orientation, as well as innovative and unique design.

The use of classic black, white, cream and navy blue, interspersed dash like “toxic” as bright and bright palm green, bright orange, and red (Note: toxic animals / plants usually show a very bright color). Deep blue is also a lot of use this season. With the season gradually into the spring, calm navy blue into the white and stripes, so that the whole series is more fresh and clear atmosphere.

2016 early spring handbags series, Céline continued to introduce a variety of new series: Twisted Cabas, Sailor, Round Flap and Holdall handbags. Twisted Cabas series for the first time launched with the 2015 autumn and winter series, relaxed and casual design, combined with kink shape and knotted handle band, filling this series lazy relaxation style, size, full of interesting models for the Cabas series gives a new charm, But also for the overall shape into the fashionable style; and the new trumpet Cabas Twisted also become a classic continuation series. Sailor series handbags from the nautical world of inspiration elements, the nautical spirit and high-end leather technology with extremely easy to mix handbags; Round Flap series handbags show Céline unique low-key attitude, the surface can not see any metal parts, highlighting the production process and leather Materials, fine, so that the handbag shape showing a beautiful folding arc; Holdall handbag is representative of Céline extraordinary process of hollow handbag series, inspired by saddle with the world.