Celine essentials of famous actresses

He Jie dressed in blue denim shirt with curly brown shorts in the handsome shape with a trace of sexy taste. Brown Celine (Celine) Classic satchel and shorts echoes the color, simple shape of the atmosphere are so stylish style it has Fan children.

Pace wore a long blue shirt with a white lace skirt wearing a very layered, waist with a broad weave belt outline will figure out the body out. Pink shoes and rounded hat even more dynamic. Brown Celine (Celine) Classic satchel full of atmosphere.

Wu Peici khaki long windbreaker handsome type, with blue hem jeans with Ferragamo (Ferragamo) classic black flat shoes full of intellectual atmosphere. Brown brown Celine (Celine) Classic bag coupled with a cool coat more handsome cool flavor.

Blue pink striped cardigan coupled with floral primer shirt and gray sports shorts shape comfortable, pink shoes and the overall tone echoes the right. Brown Celine (Celine) Classic bag for the whole body to mention a lot of modeling.