Why Wangfei Loves Celine Brand?

Celine design, has always been a love of fashion to the family, the Paris girl’s elegance, elegance and temperament perfect combination, Celine design is to pass out the women’s autonomy, elegance and self-confidence, simple tailoring with little more details , The achievements of the fashion girls attitude towards life.

Personality of girls fashion attitude is Celine respected philosophy, and take the personality line of the most representative figure is none other than Faye Wong! No wonder Faye Wong so like Celine. Unconsciously, the original Faye Wong has been in love with Celine ten years! Beginning in 2004, Celine has become a public event every time to attend Faye Wong or magazine cover the designated brand, can be considered to the realm of human clothing one.

Celine design is suitable for cool thin girls, the classic design of the brand such as pleated skirts, shirts, high waist tailoring, Faye Wong and temperament perfect control of the brand with the design. Earlier she again attended the Paris fashion show, fans, the fashion industry also marveled at her elegance, than just playing sexy sexy star is more temperament, is another sexy.