Is celine smily bag easy to use?

Celine Luggage smiling face package has three models: mini, micro, nano. In addition, Celine Luggage smiling face package has a variety of colors to choose from, there are mixed colors, there are a single color, such as fluorescent pink, yellow, sapphire blue, black, red, green, camel and so on.

Celine’s Smiley Pack is very popular on the market, perhaps in the hectic urban life for a long time, this kind of design with a sense of humor more love, like Fergie so cool girl actually liked it , But she chose a relatively low-key black, with her personality is very consistent.

Inspired by a travel bag, the Celine Smile Face Collection is a reinterpretation of the brand’s historical design by creative director Phoebe Philo, and is a central part of the first series designed for Celine. Positive three-dimensional “wavy” structure and adjustable wings to make this package extra unique, resembles the face of the package surface design with a special temperament and highly sought after. Celine smile series is Celine series of leather products in one of the most important to the top quality interpretation of a new prudent, confident attitude, practical generous, re-write the history of contemporary luxury, is the contemporary “true” woman’s first choice .

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