Jiangsu recalled many unqualified children’s clothing

From the Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that due to excessive PH value of fabric, Jiangsu Shengnan Garment Co., Ltd. recalled March 10, 2016 to April 8 production FUTURINO brand (FUR16G108) girls casual dress, the number of products affected 105 pieces.

It is understood that this dress lower body fabric PH value exceeding the standard may cause irritation to the skin, endangering health. Jiangsu Shengnan Garment Co., Ltd. will be in the sales outlets (Nanjing Jinrun hair Longjiang supermarket) issued a recall notice, which consumers should immediately stop using the product, and contact the store to return the purchase, refund, to eliminate security risks , The resulting mail and other expenses borne by the Jiangsu Shengnan Garment Limited.

Jiangsu Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of clothing inspection experts Chen Qin pointed out that the PH value of textile fabrics that the residual acid-base content, is the impact of human safety and health of one of the limits. In the quality of clothing testing, CELINE, Zegna, Ferragamo, CANALI, EMPORIO ARMANI, FENDI and other imported brand-name products have also been found over PH. The national standard GB18401-2010 “national textile products basic safety technical specification” stipulates that the infant and direct contact with the skin of the textile products PH value should be controlled at 4.0-8.5, non-direct contact with the skin of the textile products PH value should be controlled at 4.0-9.0 , If the products need to follow-up processing, the process must be wet after treatment of non-final product, PH value can be relaxed to between 4.0-10.5.

For some clothing PH value of excessive reasons, experts explained that clothing and other production processes in the printing and dyeing need to add a variety of dyes, additives, if the rinse in the latter part of the process is not sufficient, and did not take a certain amount of neutralization measures, will cause acid Alkali improper. Low-quality fabrics will also cause excessive PH value.

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