Celine Early Autumn Series

As a classic brand design, this early autumn launch of this red terracotta color Mini Luggage handbags, warm sketched out “her” smile. Modern design and soft color, will make your mind the “Mini” unique refined temperament.

As an inverted T-design handbag pioneer, Trapeze handbag is undoubtedly the Celine brand practical aesthetic masterpiece. Early autumn and early autumn 2015 launch of the gray-red and red color design, especially the choice of durable small leather material, enough to represent the “her” long-term companions mind.

Pocket Series Celine antique handbags transformed into a neat curve of the multi-functional flip package. With metal chain strap, you can also hand the shoulder. This paragraph early fall Pocket clamshell package with lively bright red dotting, Tanabata festival choose it to express a “sincere heart.”

Celine is making different colorful shoes

Celine2016 spring and summer show opened in Paris, this season, put on a Celine woman is still cool to the bones of the season, in addition to this season, Phoebe Philo created for us a conflict full of surprises and image of overbearing female president, also contributed several Destined to board the hot TOP list of single items.

Read Celine 2016 spring and summer women’s show, this pair of frequent appearances of the black and red uniforms boots impressed, but the problem is coming! Do you think shoes some familiar? That’s right! Once in one fell swoop to the straw sandals and slippers into the High fashion hall of Phoebe Philo, this time we are eyeing the domestic military shoes! Simple and effective color and contour, the wind has always been a practical woman, it is too poke a wooden heart there!

Celine classic box is the fashion circle of the famous momentum of people, is Celine creative director Phoebe Philo personally create a classic series, and this series made her worthy of a new generation of women’s fashionable indicators, new color and new material to join this season, Box Bag is bound to continue to fever.

CELINE 2016 Early spring series

Following the 2015-16 autumn and winter series, this season 2016 early spring series, creative director Phoebe Philo to further explore the multi-faceted feminine charm and female wardrobe versatility. Designed to combine classical elements with essential styles to create a wardrobe of purely single products, presenting a truly dazzling single-product orientation, as well as innovative and unique design.

The use of classic black, white, cream and navy blue, interspersed dash like “toxic” as bright and bright palm green, bright orange, and red (Note: toxic animals / plants usually show a very bright color). Deep blue is also a lot of use this season. With the season gradually into the spring, calm navy blue into the white and stripes, so that the whole series is more fresh and clear atmosphere.

2016 early spring handbags series, Céline continued to introduce a variety of new series: Twisted Cabas, Sailor, Round Flap and Holdall handbags. Twisted Cabas series for the first time launched with the 2015 autumn and winter series, relaxed and casual design, combined with kink shape and knotted handle band, filling this series lazy relaxation style, size, full of interesting models for the Cabas series gives a new charm, But also for the overall shape into the fashionable style; and the new trumpet Cabas Twisted also become a classic continuation series. Sailor series handbags from the nautical world of inspiration elements, the nautical spirit and high-end leather technology with extremely easy to mix handbags; Round Flap series handbags show Céline unique low-key attitude, the surface can not see any metal parts, highlighting the production process and leather Materials, fine, so that the handbag shape showing a beautiful folding arc; Holdall handbag is representative of Céline extraordinary process of hollow handbag series, inspired by saddle with the world.

Is celine smily bag easy to use?

Celine Luggage smiling face package has three models: mini, micro, nano. In addition, Celine Luggage smiling face package has a variety of colors to choose from, there are mixed colors, there are a single color, such as fluorescent pink, yellow, sapphire blue, black, red, green, camel and so on.

Celine’s Smiley Pack is very popular on the market, perhaps in the hectic urban life for a long time, this kind of design with a sense of humor more love, like Fergie so cool girl actually liked it , But she chose a relatively low-key black, with her personality is very consistent.

Inspired by a travel bag, the Celine Smile Face Collection is a reinterpretation of the brand’s historical design by creative director Phoebe Philo, and is a central part of the first series designed for Celine. Positive three-dimensional “wavy” structure and adjustable wings to make this package extra unique, resembles the face of the package surface design with a special temperament and highly sought after. Celine smile series is Celine series of leather products in one of the most important to the top quality interpretation of a new prudent, confident attitude, practical generous, re-write the history of contemporary luxury, is the contemporary “true” woman’s first choice .

Celine essentials of famous actresses

He Jie dressed in blue denim shirt with curly brown shorts in the handsome shape with a trace of sexy taste. Brown Celine (Celine) Classic satchel and shorts echoes the color, simple shape of the atmosphere are so stylish style it has Fan children.

Pace wore a long blue shirt with a white lace skirt wearing a very layered, waist with a broad weave belt outline will figure out the body out. Pink shoes and rounded hat even more dynamic. Brown Celine (Celine) Classic satchel full of atmosphere.

Wu Peici khaki long windbreaker handsome type, with blue hem jeans with Ferragamo (Ferragamo) classic black flat shoes full of intellectual atmosphere. Brown brown Celine (Celine) Classic bag coupled with a cool coat more handsome cool flavor.

Blue pink striped cardigan coupled with floral primer shirt and gray sports shorts shape comfortable, pink shoes and the overall tone echoes the right. Brown Celine (Celine) Classic bag for the whole body to mention a lot of modeling.

Preview on celine 2017 new styles

CELINE this brand, gives the first impression is high cold, simple, design and color are simple to almost frigidity, how many people and Xiaobian like falling in love with Celine is Faye Wong’s strength through the interpretation of the same noble glamorous.

In addition to temperament high cold, CELINE pricing is also very cost-effective. Moreover, the real hedge, not like some of the big discounts from time to time as the sale, so do not worry about your bag the second year of buying a large decline in price, CELINE is one of the least into the Outlet brand. Resistant, but when, hedge, picky packets of powder can be assured start.

Case Biker shoulder bag, concave shape is to force, will not become the next CELINE It bag it, we will wait and see. Chong this modeling, Xiao Bian also play high marks.

Celine launched the 2017 spring bags series

2017-related wave of new clothing is in a wave, since what are ready for clothing, then it is ready for the new bags and other ornaments to their own style plus points.

Celine name bag brand 2017 spring bag series, at first glance seems not so stunning people’s eye, but this series of bags is to rely on simple design and comfortable texture to win.

A lot of sister paper in the selection of the bag when the most concerned about is not the bag style but their texture, a good texture of the bag is really for their extra points, and carrying such a package Package out is also able to highlight the noble temperament Oh, so then we will first take a look at Céline 2017 spring handbags, see if you like it.

Why Wangfei Loves Celine Brand?

Celine design, has always been a love of fashion to the family, the Paris girl’s elegance, elegance and temperament perfect combination, Celine design is to pass out the women’s autonomy, elegance and self-confidence, simple tailoring with little more details , The achievements of the fashion girls attitude towards life.

Personality of girls fashion attitude is Celine respected philosophy, and take the personality line of the most representative figure is none other than Faye Wong! No wonder Faye Wong so like Celine. Unconsciously, the original Faye Wong has been in love with Celine ten years! Beginning in 2004, Celine has become a public event every time to attend Faye Wong or magazine cover the designated brand, can be considered to the realm of human clothing one.

Celine design is suitable for cool thin girls, the classic design of the brand such as pleated skirts, shirts, high waist tailoring, Faye Wong and temperament perfect control of the brand with the design. Earlier she again attended the Paris fashion show, fans, the fashion industry also marveled at her elegance, than just playing sexy sexy star is more temperament, is another sexy.

Jiangsu recalled many unqualified children’s clothing

From the Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that due to excessive PH value of fabric, Jiangsu Shengnan Garment Co., Ltd. recalled March 10, 2016 to April 8 production FUTURINO brand (FUR16G108) girls casual dress, the number of products affected 105 pieces.

It is understood that this dress lower body fabric PH value exceeding the standard may cause irritation to the skin, endangering health. Jiangsu Shengnan Garment Co., Ltd. will be in the sales outlets (Nanjing Jinrun hair Longjiang supermarket) issued a recall notice, which consumers should immediately stop using the product, and contact the store to return the purchase, refund, to eliminate security risks , The resulting mail and other expenses borne by the Jiangsu Shengnan Garment Limited.

Jiangsu Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of clothing inspection experts Chen Qin pointed out that the PH value of textile fabrics that the residual acid-base content, is the impact of human safety and health of one of the limits. In the quality of clothing testing, CELINE, Zegna, Ferragamo, CANALI, EMPORIO ARMANI, FENDI and other imported brand-name products have also been found over PH. The national standard GB18401-2010 “national textile products basic safety technical specification” stipulates that the infant and direct contact with the skin of the textile products PH value should be controlled at 4.0-8.5, non-direct contact with the skin of the textile products PH value should be controlled at 4.0-9.0 , If the products need to follow-up processing, the process must be wet after treatment of non-final product, PH value can be relaxed to between 4.0-10.5.

For some clothing PH value of excessive reasons, experts explained that clothing and other production processes in the printing and dyeing need to add a variety of dyes, additives, if the rinse in the latter part of the process is not sufficient, and did not take a certain amount of neutralization measures, will cause acid Alkali improper. Low-quality fabrics will also cause excessive PH value.